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Complete feed package

Fabstock stud feed mixes offer a complete feed package from when the animal is weaned through to sale day. Peter has designed different mixes for all different wool types and breeds ranging from a superfine merino through to a Poll Dorset.

The weaner mix is a high energy feed designed to achieve maximum growth rates. While the animal is young the amount of feed required is far less so the cost involved are kept to a minimum.

A nourishment mix is used six weeks before shearing to help produce a nourished tip. A dry tip cannot be changed into a nourished tip a couple of months after shearing it needs to be fed and worked on long before the animal is shorn. A general wool growing mix is used for the majority of the time, this mix keeps the body and wool growing without letting the animal go to fat which can hinder wool style and growth as well as fertility.

Rams can be put on a finishing ration four to six weeks prior to the sale to add extra bodyweight and finish to your sale rams. Peter encourages communication during the time your stud sheep are on Fabstock to make shore things are ticking along nicely and to stop any potential problems early should they arise.

For the stud breeder who mixes his own feed Fabstock can supply you with a complete vitamin/Mineral concentrate designed to produce maximum results from your mix. Special ingredients you may not have access to such as linseed meal can be added to the mix on your request.

Peter is currently working with some of the top preforming bloodlines in Eastern Australia including Oakbank, Glendonald, Towalba, One Oak, Haddon Rigg, Boonoke, Wanganella and One Oak Poll, Willandra, Hillcreston, Western Plains, Hinesville, Greenland, Karoola Downs, Borambil as well as Mt Ascott and Well Gully QLD.

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Graham Wells

Fabstock feed has our show team in top condition and their wool with bloom at all times. We also use the Fabstock lick for our young rams, to help keep their growth rate even throughout the year.